PARC Foundation, Parks and Recreation Department

The Parks and Recreation Community Foundation (PARC) supports the acquisition and enhancement of open space, parks, and recreation opportunities in the Santa Barbara area and encourages innovation in the development of programs and facilities for which government support is not available. 

For over 25 years, the PARC Foundation has worked closely with the City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department to carry out its mission to enhance open space, Parks and Recreation and community facilities and programs in the greater Santa Barbara area.

     The award-winning City Parks and Recreation program began in 1924 and has grown to include sports leagues of all ages, 15 community and recreation facilities, aquatic and tennis facilities, summer camps, after-school programs, dance classes, special events. and a myriad of partnerships that enhance the City resources. The Parks and Recreation Department has played a vital role in the Santa Barbara community and serves more than 1.6 million youth and adults in its programs, services and facilities annually.

All donations made to the Parks and Recreation Department are tax deductible through the PARC Foundation.




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